what we do – brand management

The committed and experienced sales and marketing team, and dynamic loft showrooms, create the consummate environment to showcase our winning portfolio of brands from around the nation and the globe. It’s no accident our brands are amongst the most commercially successful and sought after, both in Australasia and in Europe and the USA.

Our detailed industry understanding and intimate customer knowledge are instrumental in driving sales momentum at all stages and in ensuring brand health and development. Every brand, and every collection is meticulously appraised, exhibited, and marketed with a specific, bespoke strategy, echoing a targeted, yet pure distillation of the brand’s charisma.

Similarly, every client is afforded a considered, detailed and unique, tailored experience to assist them to reach their full potential.

Every item has a long sales life cycle. Correct brand positioning and navigation of appropriate distribution points are crucial to building brand penetration and brand awareness. We understand our fundamental responsibility to source, evaluate and filter the perfect brands, and link those to the appropriate retailers, who can deliver and market the product to the appropriate consumers. Our proven methodologies, allow us to always select the optimal retail showcase for each brand, which will meet the desired criteria across sales performance, brand awareness and cachet.